KGP Volunteer Advocates Needed 

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Become a Legal Guardian

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Every year many adult Kansans experience diminished capacity and become unable to make informed decisions regarding their lives and finances.

For those who do not have willing and able family members to assist them, the court can appoint fellow citizens as a guardian or conservator.

The Kansas Guardianship Program recruits citizen volunteers who are willing to be appointed as a guardian or conservator.

In this role, you will advocate for and protect the rights of vulnerable, at-risk Kansans in need. To accept the legal and moral responsibility for another person—a person most often unknown before the appointment—is a significant matter. It requires time and commitment to provide the necessary care the person may need.

Volunteer Information Form

A person interested in becoming a volunteer and serving as a KGP guardian or conservator completes a Volunteer Information Form. To become a Volunteer click the link below.

Volunteer Information Form

Smiling Adult in the program
Smiling Adult in the program
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Guardian smiling with Adult in the program
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Guardian smiling with Adult in the program

Volunteer Guardian Job Description 

Responsibilities of a Court-Appointed Guardian or Conservator

A Guardian makes legal decisions on behalf  of the person including accessing and monitoring supports and services for physical, psychological and emotional care.

The guardian provides informed consent and maintains communication with the providers of supports and services including case managers, facility staff and medical providers.  A guardian advocates for and protects the personal, civil and human rights of the individual.

KGP Volunteer Job Description

Someone needs what you have to offer.

When making decisions, a guardian or conservator shall consider the expressed desires and personal values of the person.

The authority of a guardian and conservator should be used only as needed. The person should be encouraged to make decisions, develop skills for daily living to the extend possible.  The law requires a guardian or conservator act in the best interest of the individual and exercise reasonable care and diligence in decision making.  A guardian or conservator is always subject to the control and direction of the court.


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Become a volunteer

Who KGP serves

Individuals served through KGP are over 18 years of age, may have  a disability, can be a senior without family involvement and need assistance to manage their affairs.

What they all have in common is they need your help.

What KGP offers

  • Opportunities to blend personal interests and abilities with those in need of service
  • Support from regional staff
  • Networking and information
  • Ongoing assistance and support
  • Training and reference materials

Your benefits

  • Be an instrument of positive change in another life
  • Experience the satisfaction of having helped another person
  • Provide a valuable service to another in your community
  • Walk with another person on the road of their life