Guardian and Conservator Information

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Legal Guardianship for Adults

Guardian and Conservator Information

Guardianship or conservatorship is an attempt by the state to provide a way to help and protect a person when they are incapable of self-care or of acting in their own best interest.

A guardianship or conservatorship, while intended to be helpful, may also place restrictions on a person’s freedoms.

A guardianship or conservatorship should be used only as a method of last resort and be considered  after they have explored all other less restrictive alternatives.

How to be a conservator in Kansas

These basic instructions for conservators were prepared by the Guardianship and Conservatorship Advisory Committee of the Kansas Judicial Council.

After their original publication in January 2009, the instructions were revised and updated in June 2015. The instructions make up the basic instructional program concerning the duties and responsibilities of a conservator required by K.S.A. 59-3069(j).

After reading these instructions, a proposed conservator should sign the affidavit and file it with the court.

Decision-Making and Functional Assessment

The assessment tool should help identify the quality and the quantity of information received in the process of trying to protect the health and welfare of the person in need.

After using this assessment tool, a decision will need to be made about whether to interrupt the civil rights and the legal autonomy of another person through the recommendation that a guardian or conservator be appointed.

The purpose of this assessment instrument is to help you make such a decision as carefully and as confidently as possible. It is important to meet with the person more than once to properly determine functional ability.

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